Professor for Econometrics Derya Uysal

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Fields of research

  • Microeconometrics
  • Labor economics
  • Evaluation econometrics

Publications and current projects

  • Unemployment Duration and Personality Traits, Journal of Economic Psychology (2011), 32, pp. 980-992 (with Winfried Pohlmeier)
  • Doubly Robust Estimation of Causal Effects with Multivalued Treatments: An Application to the Returns to Schooling, Journal of Applied Econometrics (2015), 30(5), 763-786
  • Price Dynamics in the Belarusian Black Market for Foreign Exchange (with H. Huett and M. Krapf), Journal of International Economics (2014), 94:1, 169–176
  • A simple and successful shrinkage method for weighting estimators of treatment effects (with W. Pohlmeier, and R. Seiberlich), forthcoming in Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, published online
  • Estimating Causal Effects for Multivalued Treatments: A Comparison of Approaches (with A. Linden, A. Ryan and J. L. Adams), Statistics in Medicine (2016), 35, 534–552
  • Microeconometric Evaluation of Malaria Control Programs in Sub-saharan Africa, with Y. Tozan
  • Methods for estimating causal effects of multivalued treatments: an extended simualtion study
    see slides
  •  Doubly Robust IV Estimation of Local Average Treatment Effect, Working Paper, University of Konstanz
  •  Estimation of Causal Effects Using Doubly Robust Methods: An Analysis of Grade Retention on Educational Attainment, Working Paper, University of Konstanz
  • Effects of Noncognitive and Cognitive Skills on Educational Attainment